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Campus Comment: What do you think makes someone a good citizen?

Photo of Rasmussen wearing a yellow shirt and red mask that says "BYU–Hawaii."
Skyler Rasmussen

Skyler Rasmussen, a sophomore from California majoring in computer science, said, “I think someone who is a good citizen is someone who is involved to the best of their ability. Someone who reaches out to help others in their community and tries to be a positive force the best they can. Some have opportunities to do more than others, but as long as we’re trying our best to reach out to serve others and make a small difference here or there, to me that makes a good citizen.”

Photo of Kumar wearing a red shirt and lanyard with a head scarf around his face.
Damon Kumar

⠀ ⠀

Damon Kumar, a recent graduate from Fiji said, “Being a good citizen is being responsible - not only for our own people but also taking care of the environment. Just picking up trash and putting it in a bin comes back to being a good citizen.”

Santiago wearing a grey and blue striped shirt with a red mask saying "seasiders."
Reymart Santiago

Reymart Santiago, a junior from the Philippines majoring in business management, said, “I think a good citizen follows all of the laws of the land. I especially think it’s important to be good to other people.”

Lugo wears a black shirt that says "Love & Order" smiling with a tan and white wall behind him.
Lazr Lugo

Lazr Lugo, a senior from the Philippines majoring in information technology, said, “If you respect the law and are a good law-abiding citizen, then that makes you a good citizen.”

Vi smiling in a white shirt with greenery in background.
Daniel Vi

Daniel Vi, a junior from Washington majoring in accounting, said, “A good citizen is a law-abiding citizen who is active in their community. Someone who is trying to better their community makes for a good citizen.”