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Campus Comment: What is something valuable your grandparents or parents taught you?

Portrait photos of Moeai, Kansan, Alcantar, Chan and Clendenning

Lagi Moeai

Moeai, a freshman from Hawaii majoring in graphic design, shared, “My grandparents and parents were always good examples to my family and I because they were hard workers and always had respect for others.

"They taught us we should be grateful for everything because in the end all that matters is that you have a good soul. Heavenly Father doesn’t care if you’re the richest or poorest person. My parents just said to strive to be the best person you could possibly be, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Kelvin Kansan

Kansan, a sophomore from Papua New Guinea majoring in business management, said, “As I was serving and encountered much sadness on the mission, my dad said if you’re having a bad day try to go out and make someone's day, as true happiness comes from serving others. But first we must learn how to better love ourselves before we try to go out and love others.”

Adam Alcantar

Alcantar, a sophomore from Tennessee majoring in biochemistry, said, “One thing my grandparents taught me is the power of courage and patience in missionary work. My grandparents on my mom’s side are both converts. My grandma had to wait 45 years of consistent activity until her father joined the Church. Meanwhile, my grandpa’s father built sawmills for a living, which was a dangerous job at the time, and it required people that made Wolverine look like Mr. Bean.

"His father was the scariest man my grandpa knew. My grandpa had to stand up to him in order to be baptized and to serve a mission. While my grandpa was serving a mission, his father met with the missionaries and decided to be baptized after seeing the courage my grandpa gained from learning of the gospel.”

Manwu Chan

Chan, a junior from Hong Kong majoring in TESOL, said, “My grandparents and parents would teach me through actions. They would scold me, but we show our love with actions and not so much through words.”

Alex Clendenning

Clendenning, a freshman from Canada majoring in visual art, said, “My grandparents have taught me that hard work, unconditional love and bravery are the most valuable things in life.”