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Campus Comment: What is your definition of love?

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BYU-Hawaii students answered the question: "What is your definition of love." “Wanting to give your full self and putting their needs above yours,” said Saren Eastwood, a freshman from Washington majoring in International Cultural Studies.“It’s compromise, but not giving up. It’s resolving to see your differences,” said Hannah Bugnacki, a junior from California studying hospitality and tourism management.“True love is Netflix,” said Emily Thompson, a senior in graphic design from Arizona.“Desiring the best for someone,” said Jared McClellan, a sophomore in political science from California.“Giving up your wants and desires for the benefit of someone else,” said married man, Kevin Miller, a junior from Idaho studying exercise and sports science.“Sacrifice of mutual admiration,” said Luke Searle, a freshman in Business management from Utah.Uploaded Feb. 13, 2015
Writer: Jared Roberts