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Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend

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The scene is set. Underneath a swaying palm tree, the boyfriend bends down on one knee, and with a smile, he pulls out a little black box. Opening it and asking a few words, the girlfriend replies yes, and he puts the ring on her finger. The ring is a beautiful golden band with a glittering diamond in the center. Putting it on, the girl has now sent a signal to the rest of the world that she is taken. At BYU-Hawaii, it’s not uncommon for people to meet, fall in love, and get married. Scrolling through Facebook, you may find engagement announcements that your roommate from two semesters ago is now engaged to the woman he dated for three months. The picture of the diamond ring is sure to be included, with attached comments of how beautiful it is.When asked if diamonds were a girl’s best friend, most BYUH students said no. “They aren’t my best friend,” said Savannah Tobey from Washington and a freshman in marine biology. Some students, like Tobey, would not care for diamond-studded jewelry, but when it came to diamond rings, most said they would want one. Every student has their preferences about diamond rings. While some said they would like a large diamond situated on their ring, some said they don’t care at all for them. But students have even opted out of diamonds for their engagement rings. Edward Wade Fowler, a recently engaged junior from Colorado majoring in ICS, said they didn’t buy a large diamond for their engagement. “Diamonds are nothing but a marketing tool,” Fowler said.Kaliki Unga, a senior majoring in history from Hauula, said he would get a diamond ring, but otherwise said, “I would never wear diamonds. I have never been attracted to the bling factor.” There are still plenty of women who will wear diamonds. “It’s pretty common for women to wear diamonds. It comes off as a fad,” said Charlotte Sudweeks, an undecided freshman from Washington DC. “I like diamonds,” she added. Jenny Kintaro, a sophomore majoring in exercise and sports science from Maryland, commented about diamonds, “It’s a normal thing to get. Diamonds are easier to wear because they match everything.” Whether it’s on a ring or set in bling, diamonds are not a hot commodity for college students. If you are set to be engaged, find a jeweler and get the ring (whether with or without a diamond) that is just right for you. Uploaded Feb. 12, 2015.
Writer: Rachel Reed