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Faster games in Major League Baseball

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Major League Baseball announced a change of rules meant to speed up games, on Feb. 20. According to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the MLB has struggled to gain a new generation of fans. He said he hopes the modifications to the rules of baseball, called “pace-of-play” rule changes, will make more people interested in watching Major League Baseball while keeping the original fans. Emily Valerio, a freshman bio-medical major from Nevada, agreed with the new change of pace. Valerio said, “I would watch baseball if it was shorter. If there was more strenuous activity in a less amount of time it would make it more entertaining.”Manfred said to ESPN, “These changes represent a step forward in our efforts to streamline the pace of play.”One of the new rules the MLB is implementing is that batters must keep one foot in the box at all times during their at-bat. The MLB believes that this rule will shorten the amount of time at the plate per player because it prevents them from taking too many warm-up swings.Another rule being added is that games must return to play within two minutes and twenty-five seconds after commercial breaks, in an attempt to get the game going again as soon as possible. Dominique Oster, a sophomore bio-medical major from the Big Island, said, “I like baseball even though it is long. I have no problem with watching the entire game. I think it is just a good environment to be in.”The MLB also stated that any team found to be in violation of these new rules are subject to warnings and fines, as opposed to creating added strikes to the pitch count as a form of punishment.Marissa Stagg, a sophomore bio-medical major from Utah, said, “I think the atmosphere of baseball is super fun. I think that if the game were shortened I would be able to sit through it.” March 2, 2015
Writer: Alyssa Troyanek