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Five ways to strengthen your relationship with yourself

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Valentine’s Day has the potential to be a beautiful celebration of love between significant others. However, this Feb. 14, try something new. Here are five things you can do to revamp and rejuvenate and redefine yourself. 1. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs. Blast the playlist and in the words of music artist, Chancellor Bennett, “dance like it hurts to stand still.”2. Wear your favorite outfit and take all the time you need to get ready. Then, make your favorite breakfast, and use real butter for the pan. Go out and get that long overdue haircut. 3. Write yourself a letter of triumph. You have made it this far; take time to acknowledge and celebrate your journey to this moment. Seal it and give to a friend to hand to you when you’re having a bad day. 4. If there is a relationship in your life that needs closure or further resolution, figure out what needs to be done to get that relief and do it. 5. Forgive yourself. Remember that taking time to prioritize your needs is not selfish, but simply an act of self-preservation. Taking the time to take care of yourself will help you to excel in all of your roles, whether it be a mother, brother, father, sister, friend, son or daughter. This Valentine’s Day, treat yo’self!Uploaded Feb. 13, 2015
Writer: Morgynne Tora