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Friends of Lkhagvajargal (Happy) Dalaichuluun say her contagious positivity helps her live up to her name

Having traveled around Mongolia and the United States, Lkhagvajargal Dalaichuluun said her experiences have helped her overcome challenges. Her passion for traveling, she said, has led her to make new friends, explore new places, and create new memories. According to Dalaichuluun, you don’t have to be wealthy or wait for the perfect timing to travel, all you need to do is set goals, pick a date and just do it.

Dalaichuluun, a junior from Mongolia majoring in supply chain operations, said she goes by Happy, which is the direct translation of her Mongolian name.

Previously working at a travel agency in Mongolia, Dalaichuluun said she had opportunities to be an assistant tour guide for group trips. She started to like traveling from that experience, she explained.

Traveling is the best way to see and enjoy God’s marvelous and mysterious creations, she said. Through travel, she said she feels the richness of life. These feelings, she added, change her perspective and attitude towards seeing the world and herself.

“Now, I’m living on the beautiful island of Hawaii, which is the best place for people who enjoy the outdoors. I saw so many magnificent places here.” Dalaichuluun explained being outside uplifts her attitude and makes her feel at peace, happy and hopeful.

Dalaichuluun wearing a long-sleeved purple shir and white shorts holds her blue backpack in front of her looking out to the left with the ocean behind her.

Maralmaa Chinbold, a junior from Mongolia majoring in finance, said she met Dalaichuluun at BYUH where they eventually became friends. “We have been friends for just three years, but we created so many memories together. We traveled to the Big Island, Idaho, Utah, Las Vegas and Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.

“We have similar hobbies and love to travel together. Happy is a great friend and my beloved travel partner,” Chinbold commented. “Sometimes she is my mentor. I learned a lot from her. She is always there for me and shares many precious moments with me.”
In addition to traveling, Dalaichuluun said rock climbing is another exciting activity she enjoys. “It’s a mental and physical sport. It motivates me to overcome challenges and reduce stress,” she explained.

Terelj National Park, a famous tourist attraction in Mongolia, is her favorite place to rock climb, Dalaichuluun said. “Terelj has tons of enormous rocks. I’ve been there many times because I like to climb those rocks.”

Her other favorite place to visit is Waipio Valley on the Big Island. She said the sights there are unforgettable and said she feels the Spirit there.

Solongo Norov, a junior from Mongolia majoring in marketing, said she has been friends with Dalaichuluun for years. “Happy has enjoyed the outdoors since she was young. … I used to do wall climbing with her. She is a fast-phased and energetic person. I always love to hang out with her because her positivity is contagious,” Norov expressed.

Dalaichuluun explained traveling has many benefits, including making new friends, exploring new places, getting real-life education and skills, and, most importantly, creating memories for a lifetime. In order to travel, people don’t have to be wealthy or wait for the perfect timing, Dalaichuluun said.

“Just set goals, pick the date, invite someone to join, save money, and do it. Enjoy every single moment, even if it is challenging. You will know that you created great memories later.”

Brittany Steed, a 2019 graduate who majored in cultural anthropology and TESOL from Canada, shared, “I met Happy when she signed up to be my student for EIL tutoring. My first impression of Happy was that she lived up to her name. She was always laughing and smiling and cracking jokes.

“I knew from the beginning that she was someone special, so it doesn’t surprise me that she has awesome hobbies like rock climbing and traveling. I admire that she always has a good attitude and is kind to everyone around her,” Steed said.

Dalaichuluun said she has goals of traveling to several different places and mountains to climb, but cannot say which one will be her next adventure.

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