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To overcome senioritis, BYUH ohana members say avoid self-doubt, make time to enjoy hobbies and focus on goals and plans

A BYUH graduate wearing a haku, several purple, yellow, red, blue and black leis, and photos of her time at BYUH around her neck. She is standing in front of the Aloha Center Ballroom.
Although many students dream of being doing with school, BYUH students offer advice to enjoy the moments they are living in.

Academic Advisor Gail Kailee-Tropia shared four ways to deal with senioritis, including creating an academic plan, taking capstone classes, being involved in a career and internships and incorporating self-care.

Create an academic plan

Upon coming to BYU–Hawaii, students are asked to meet with their advisor to create an academic plan, said Tropia, explaining students can become anxious about their post-college plans. “Not having a plan or some idea of what [they’re] wanting to do after [college] adds to that sluggish feeling during the senior year.”

Capstone classes

Tropia said capstone classes are a culminating experience that challenge everything students learned within their major. She said students should spread their capstone classes out instead of trying to complete them early on. By doing so, she said students avoid becoming overwhelmed, complacent and less invested with their studies during senior year.


Tropia said self-care is important and is always emphasized for students. Attending clubs and other activities can help students stay mentally and physically active, she said. Another form of self-care, she said, could be taking on a personal project.

Career and internship opportunities

Attending career fairs and seeking out career internship opportunities help students determine their goals after graduation, said Tropia. “It doesn’t have to be a five-year plan. It can just be what’s going to happen next and then [they] can go from there.”

Elijah Lemusuifeauali’i, a 2021 alumnus from Australia, shared three ways to deal with senioritis.

Knowing the focus

Being a senior is a stage between why someone came to BYUH and their end goal, he shared. He said reflecting on these two things can “provide some motivation.”

Having grit

Having grit, Lemusuifeauali’i shared, is the drive to push through despite any challenges that must be faced. He added, “Grit is the physical manifestation of the why,” but the why requires being mentally focused.

Remembering the 'why'

Remembering the reason why a person came to BYUH can help a person determine the goal they want to achieve, Lemusuifeauali’i explained.

Zayne Williams, a senior from Florida majoring in communications, shared two tips for seniors to deal with senioritis.

Have fun

Williams said she’s tried to do the things she’s always wanted to do but has sometimes felt hindered. For example, she said she enjoys hiking, however, she only went three times while in school due to friends who didn’t want to hike with her. She advised students to not let anyone stop them from doing what they love. “Don’t wait for anybody.”

Don't doubt

Williams advised students to avoid thoughts of self-doubt and to remember everything they have accomplished during their time in college. She said doing so comforts her and helps her to “finish strong.”