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General authority reminds BYUH staff and faculty about the importance of teaching with the Spirit of God

landscape shot of two women wearing masks seated in the CAC and holding up a shaka sign
Two employees who attended the Ohana Meeting hold up shaka signs for the camera.

At this year’s ohana meeting, an annual gathering for BYU–Hawaii staff and faculty, President John S. K. Kauwe III reminded attendees to choose the right.

“As we seek to lengthen our stride, I am certain we will see great blessings when we do these things: when we serve the right students, offer the right programs, support the right training, use the right resources and build the right foundation,” President Kauwe shared.

On a Monday morning on Sept. 14, staff and faculty gathered to hear the words of President Kauwe and Young Men’s General President of the Church, Steven J. Lund.

At the meeting, President Lund said he believes everyone at the university has a significant part to play in an important heritage and work.

portrait shot of man in suit wearing a flower lei speaking at the pulpit in the CAC
President Steven J. Lund of the Young Men's General Presidency shared with BYUH faculty and staff the importance of teaching students about their divine heritage.

He said, “If this university is to continue in the tradition of its founders, then teaching we are noble sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents who have a work for us to do is one indispensable truth our students must not leave here without.”

He stressed the importance of understanding sacred ordinances and how they increase people’s knowledge of who they are as children of God. “Ordinances explain our true identities as covenant members of Heavenly Father's family, which include the purposes and possibilities of our lives.”

Lund quoted the words of Carl J. Mazer, the German founding scholar of BYU in Provo. “He ‘insisted the fundamental characteristic of the work of the Church schools was the spirit of God which permeates all of the work done.’”

President Kauwe shared his gratitude and appreciation to all of the staff and faculty members for their involvement and sustaining during the challenges of the pandemic. “You have gone above and beyond in so many ways to ensure the university can keep going and keep caring for our students in the best ways possible.”

He continued, “I want you to know you have been noticed and are appreciated by the state government, the Department of Health, and the BYUH board of trustees.”