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‘Happy times go fast,’ says professor who was recognized for 40 years of work at employee appreciation event

Sherman Han smiling wearing a white button up shirt and red tie with a grey background.
Sherman Han

English Professor Sherman Han was honored for working 40 years at BYU–Hawaii at the annual employee appreciation event, called Ho’omaika’i, which means “to thank” in Hawaiian. It was held on Jan. 28 via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. BYUH honored, celebrated and recognized the years of service provided by employees and presented exemplary employee awards at the event.

A part of the Faculty of Arts & Letters, Han said, “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to serve in this great University which has been like a dear family to me. As happy times go fast, 40 years feels like only a very short time to me.”

During the event, President John S.K. Kauwe III, said, “It’s just humbling to sit here and hear about the decades of dedicated effort and exceptional commitment that all of you made to our students.”

Kauwe said the videos and comments shown from the award winners and those nominated were inspiring, exciting and heartwarming.

“BYU–Hawaii exists for our students, and I just want to thank each of you that was recognized today. … I’m just grateful to be counted among you in this sacred and important effort,” Kauwe added.

30 years of service at BYUH

Taliana Pasi, Employee Relations & Policy manager, announced during the online event the employees who have worked at BYUH for 30 years.

Feao Heimuli, who works in Campus Property Services, was honored. He said, “Working here in BYU[H] helped me to know that I am [a] son of Heavenly Father.” Heimuli said he is thankful to have met many people from all over the world through the school and said he learned how to get along with other people while working at BYUH.

Salote Lautaha, of the Office of Registrar, has also worked at BYUH for 30 years. She said she feels blessed to work for BYUH because it is only a two-minute drive from her house. She has seen many changes throughout her years working at the University, such as the different buildings, school policies, curriculum and an increase in student population. It is a blessing to work with people who have the same beliefs as hers, she added.

Lena Tyau has been a part of BYUH Health Services for 30 years. Royden Christensen, a physician at BYUH Health Services, said, “I worked with Lena for four years and she’s our University nurse. Lena has impacted my work experience here in a very positive way. As a physician, if you do not have a great nurse, you are in trouble.” He said Tyau drives over an hour to get to work and another hour to drive home. Christensen said this shows her dedication to the clinic.

25 years of service

Laura Tevaga of University Communications and assistant to the president, announced the employees who have worked at BYUH for 25 years.

Craig Nakayama - Print Services

Lome Toluono - Facilities Management

Sonny Ah Puck - Information Technology Operations – Event Services

Kimber Brothers - Office of Information Technology

Paul Hurst - Faculty of Math & Computing

Phillip McArthur - Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts

Ara Meha - International Student Services

Ualani Mo’o Nagy - Student Life

Rowena Reid - Faculty of Sciences Cindy Tutor - Information Technology Operations

Daryl Whitford - Office of the Registrar

20 years of service

During the Zoom event, Pasi announced the following employees who have worked at BYUH for 20 years.

Yifen Beus - Faculty of Arts & Letters

Darren Duerden - Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Art

David Keala - Food Services

Leeann Lambert - Campus News

Mele Lavulavu - Campus Property Services

Rusia Mamea - Travel Services

Rochelle Uperesa - Food Services

Mele Vave - Campus Property Services

Eric Orr - Faculty of Sciences

15 years of service

Tevaga announced the employees who have worked at BYUH for 15 years during the online event.

Benson Chan - Enterprise Information Systems

Jennifer Chen - Faculty of Business & Government

Tevita Kaili - Faculty of Language, Culture & Performing Arts

Ramond Brothers - Information Technology Infrastructure

Mark Cannon - Faculty of Sciences

Chad Ford - Faculty of Language, Culture & Performing Arts

Michelle Fuluvaka - Enterprise Information Systems

Jennifer Lane - Faculty of Religious Education

Jamie-Lynn Meredith - Information Technology Infrastructure

Jared Nikora - Information Technology Operations

Braden Sika - Campus Property Services

10 years of service

The following employees were announced by Pasi on Jan. 28, as having worked at BYUH for 10 years.

Onjana Khamwong - Food Services

Lisa Faonelua - Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts

Kellie Sailusi - Facilities Management

Mamoe Sanerivi - Financial Aid & Scholarship

Ted Guildner - International Student Services

Georgi Lukov - Faculty of Sciences

David Preece - Faculty of Business & Government

Russel Carlson - Faculty of Math & Computing

Gailyn Bopp - University Archives

Colby Weeks - Faculty of Sciences

Five years of service

During the Zoom event, Tevaga announced the employees who have worked at BYUH for five years.

Naomi Sellers - Faculty of Sciences

Shogo Falevai - Campus Property Services

Adriane Fonoimoana - Residential Life

David Fonoimoana - Campus Store & Auxiliary Services

Emelita Foxx - Food Services

Melissa Walker Glenn - Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts

Alohalani Housman - Language & Performing Arts

Sung Do Jean - Financial Services

Jess Kohlert - Faculty of Sciences

Jihae Kwon - Faculty of Arts & Letters

Edward Maiava - Ho’okele Department for Admissions, Career & Alumni Services

Justin Marshall - Joseph F. Smith Library

Amelia Mauafu - Academics

Robert McConnell - Faculty of Arts & Letters

Renon Moors - Financial Services

Lenisi Pasi - International Student Services

Taliana Pasi - Human Resources

Marie Rodriques - Health Services

Leola Solis - Faculty of Education & Social Work

Aurie Sorensen - Edward D. Smith Center for Learning & Teaching

Gordon Tilley - Campus Safety & Security

Brent White - Faculty of Business & Government

Aniruth Bunmee - Food Services

James Brown - Planning, Design & Construction

Richard Cornwall - Faculty of Sciences

John D. Bell - Academics