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Hiking in paradise: students tips of places to go

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Part of living in a paradise like Hawaii is exploring and admiring its beauty by hiking. The following is a compiled list of students’ favorites, along with a few tips.Chinaman’s Hat: If you’re looking for something a little different, Chinaman’s may be the one to hike. “I liked it because it wasn’t just hiking. You get to swim in the ocean a little bit too,” said Isabella Bigley, a marine biology major from California. “You should wear really protective shoes because it’s pretty much all reef when you’re crossing the water.”Location: KaneoheLength: 2 hours round-trip (depending on the tide)Difficulty: ModerateKoko Head: 1,050 steps to the top, the Koko Crater Trail offers a beautiful view and fun climb.“It was killer on the way up, but the view made it worth it, and so did getting to scale the mountain side on the way down,” said Alison Anglen, a freshman majoring in psychology from Arizona.Location: HonoluluLength: 0.7 MilesDifficulty: ModerateDiamond Head: It’s a fairly simple hike with an incredible view of Waikiki.Location: HonoluluLength: 1.6 MilesDifficulty: ModerateCrouching Lion: This is a quick hike with a few different trail options. Lots of fun and a rewarding view; hiking the loop is recommended. “One of the easiest hikes with one of the best views,” commented Alex Martinez, a freshman from the Washington, D.C. area.Location: KaaawaLength: Varies depending on trail; Full loop is 4.4 miles.Difficulty: ModerateMakapuu Point Lighthouse: This is a paved trail up to a look out of the ocean and lighthouse. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, climb down to the tide pools and go for a swim.Location: south of WaimanaloLength: 2.0 MilesDifficulty: EasyOlomana Three Peaks: Jake Stevenson, a freshman from Utah, and Devin Winstanley, a social work major from Colorado, both agreed the rugged climb of Three Peaks was their favorite. “Not only was the view beautiful, but so was the journey,” said Winstanley.Location: KailuaLength: 2.5 MilesDifficulty: DifficultLaie Falls: Laie Falls is a bit of a longer hike that leads to a waterfall. The hike is a bit difficult for the end result. Some students said it may not be worth it to do it twice, but everyone should at least try it out once.Location: LaieLength: 4.7 MilesDifficulty: Moderately EasyPCC Falls: Another longer hike that takes you to a small waterfall and pool. Can be fairly muddy if it has rained recently. Scott Davis, an exercise science major from Colorado, said, “It’s a good, simple hike for anyone who wants to go out and experience Hawaii.”Location: LaieLength: 3.9 MilesDifficulty: Moderately Easy
Writer: Ali Apgood