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Intramurals change

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Under the new Intramurals program format, teams will be created within wards. Students have been able to form their own teams in the past. According to BYU-Hawaii’s website, the reason for this change has been to “build ward spirit and create an opportunity for members to get to know each other.”All of the intramural sports will remain, including men’s and women’s basketball, coed volleyball, tennis, coed spikeball, coed ultimate Frisbee, badminton, and 6x6 soccer. The program will also feature a new event this semester: coed Frisbee Golf. Instead of students creating their own teams, each ward on campus and the Sunset Branch has a Ward Intramural Representative who is in charge of assigning team captains and signing students up. Students may sign up for as many teams as they would like. “I like the new set-up for intramurals,” said Spencer Burr, an undeclared freshman from Salt Lake City, Utah, “it will make the teams a lot more even, and the event as a whole a lot more competitive.”However, many around campus do not agree with the new changes for intramurals. “The quality of the games, refereeing, and the organization as a whole has gone down,” said Chris Toronto, a senior business major from Salt Lake City, Utah. “I liked being able to make my own team with my friends who are not in my ward,” said Jon Hooke, a senior business major from Ventura, California. With BYU-Hawaii athletics getting phased out at the end of the 2017-18 school year, the university has been trying to boost the intramurals program. BYU-Idaho went through a similar phase-out of athletics and since has boosted its intramurals program with great success. Uploaded Feb. 5 2015
Writer: Matthew Roberts