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Is your style minimalist or maximalist?

Select the response that accurately reflects your style for each choice. After answering all of the questions, add up your responses and see whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist.

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Minimalism emphasizes a fondness for versatility and simplicity, while maximalism embraces diversity and bold, eye-catching selections.
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When buying new clothes, you consider:

A.) Will it match with the majority of clothes already in my wardrobe?

B. ) I love it because it is unique and doesn’t have to match what’s already in my closet.

Your closet’s color palette is:

A.) Neutral- blacks, whites, grays, navy, beige or anything alike.

B.) A mix of everything, which includes bright and pastel color patterns.

Your preferred T-shirt design is:

A.) Plain or with subtle or small graphics.

B.) Bold prints, logos, colorful and heavy graphic designs.

When attending a formal event:

A.) A classic black or neutral dress or suit.

B.) A statement outfit with bold colors and unique patterns.

Your go-to shoes are:

A.) A comfortable pair that goes with almost everything.

B.) Different pairs for different moods and outfit patterns.

Your favorite sweater or jacket is:

A.) A timeless piece in a neutral shade.

B.) A trendy or colorful piece.

Your typical bag or purse is:

A.) One or two versatile bags in neutral colors.

B.) Several bags in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Your typical set of trousers:

A.) Straight-cut, chinos or simple slacks.

B.) Culottes (flowy pants), bell-bottoms, oversized, or trousers with designs.

Your ideal hat is:

A.) A simple beanie, classic snapback or fitted hat.

B.) Decorative headwear with a standout design, pattern, and color.

How do you feel about mixing patterns?

A.) Prefer to keep it simple, usually one pattern at a time, depending on my mood.

B.) It is my style! I can style and mix it with whatever I want! Yes, please!



Your fashion preferences tend to align with minimalism, emphasizing a fondness for versatility, simplicity, enduring fashion choices and an unassuming aesthetic. Minimalism revolves around possessing only what one genuinely adores and requires, with no excess. Even within minimalism, there is room for enjoying color and occasional eclectic touches while always maintaining a commitment to simplicity.


Your fashion sense leans towards maximalism, embracing diversity and bold, eye-catching selections while reveling in the joy of experimentation. Your priority is to curate an environment filled with items that bring you happiness, characterized by an eclectic collection of art, textures, colors and decorative items. Maximalism is different from simplicity. It’s opting for an abundance of visuals and layers. Maximalism is more of a lifestyle than an aesthetic!

Source: -Minimalism Vs. Maximalism: Is It Better To Have Too Much Stuff or Not Enough?

You can download a graphic of the quiz here:

Fashion style quiz
Find out your fashion style.
Photo by Yichi Lu
Fashion style quiz
Photo by Yichi Lu