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LDS actor speaks at KEY Fireside for youth

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Hundreds of youth from across the island of Oahu gathered together to participate in BYU-Hawaii Department of Educational Outreach’s Keaulani Enlightening Youth fireside. The theme of this session was “You are the Light,” referencing Doctrine & Covenants 50:24. The event, which was held in the CAC, included special guest speakers Darin Southam and his wife Michelle. Southam is an LDS actor and movie producer who displayed his acting skills in the recent Mormon produced film, “Ephraim’s Rescue.”Darin said, “I love the thrill of being able to influence others. The lights go off in the theater and there is just a captive audience. There is nothing like it. To be able to help people feel emotions and influence people and inspire people. When they forget they are watching a performance, that’s why I do what I do. I feel like it is really important which roles I chose to do.” Having this passion for acting has led him to influence others, especially the youth, who were eager to hear him speak about being the light. The fireside started off with a brief introduction of Darin and Michelle Southam. Michelle attended BYUH 13 years ago and shared her thrill to be back on campus. Michelle related the theme “You are the Light” to her own life by sharing her spiritual path and how she overcame her issues through focusing on the Savior and temple attendance. Michelle emphasized one of the principles of Christ’s teachings: that He may make weak things become strong. She told the youth that, when they are strong, they are the example and the light to others. Michelle also shared that, “If you want to know value, pray for Heavenly Father to show you.” Students were entertained by Darin’s sense of humor and acting skills. Darin spoke to the youth about being the light as he related the principle to his life and acting experiences. Southam explained, “To be the light you have to first have the light. The only source of light is Christ. Once you find him and come to know him, you begin to be filled with Christ-like attributes.” He linked most of his talk to a talk given by Thomas S. Monson titled “Decisions Determine Destiny.” Darin’s advice to youth was to choose friends with caution, plan for the future with purpose and to frame your life with faith. Youth participant Malie DaMate, from the north shore area, said, “I liked the part when he told us that we should choose our friends wisely.”After the talks were given, the youth had the opportunity to go meet Southam, ask questions and take pictures. The rest of the night included dinner, a movie at The Hub for the participants 13 and younger, and a dance for the kids 14 and older. The eventful evening was put together by the BYUH Department of Educational Outreach, who has plans to hold another similar event in October of this year. Uploaded Feb. 26, 2015
Writer: Alyssa Troyanek