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Making time during the week for the temple is a blessing, according to students

The Arequipa Peru Temple stands in front of a mountain.

BYU–Hawaii students shared the importance of making the temple a priority in their busy lives. Some students said to prioritize temple worship, they pick one day a week where they go to the temple consistently.

Carmela Bristain, a senior from the Philippines studying accounting, teaches the temple preparation class for the Laie YSA 15th Ward. She commented, “If you really have in mind that you need the temple, and it’s already a priority for you, it will be easier for you to know which day you should go. Think of it as a part of your lifestyle.”

Kayli Whiting, a freshman from Utah studying psychology, said she set a goal at the start of the year to visit the temple weekly.

“Make [the temple] important to you because it is only as important as you make it. If you set it as a priority at the beginning of the week, you are going to be thinking of what time you can go.”

Marisa Firth, a junior from Utah studying TESOL, shared when making time to go to the temple, there always seems to be enough time to finish everything else.

“Even though it seems like you’re going to spend two hours doing something other than homework, the Lord adds in more time and makes it possible.

"I think He also makes it to where you work more efficiently. It’s not just like you have magical time given to you, but the temple makes you quicker and more able.”

Sister Ku, a sister missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving at the Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center, said even just making time to visit the temple grounds can make profound changes in a student’s life.

“It is a blessing the temple is so close to the school. Even if you walk around the temple, it’s okay. Just make your peace, and think about why you are here.”

Firth also said even if life is going well, the temple can always make life better.

Similarly, Bristain shared going to the temple can help relieve stress and anxiety for students. “If you go to the temple, then you can find solace there. You will know everything will be okay because there are so many blessings to receive at the temple.”

She added the temple is a time where you can focus on yourself, your friends, your family and your future. You can think about the Lord and aligning your will to His will.

“If you’re too stressed with so many things, then think of the temple as a stress reliever for you.”

John Taylor, a sophomore from Texas studying business finance, commented, “I went to the temple yesterday, and I felt like my mindset changed a little bit. It made me want to [go to the temple] more.

"Before I went, I didn’t want to [go] as much. So, the first step I would say is to go anyway. Then, the desire will come because you will see what a value it brings to your life.”

Everlasting blessings

Whiting shared going to the temple gives her a safe space. “In a way, it shows God I am willing to go to His house. So, when I go to His house and show a willingness to serve Him, I can feel His love for me.”

Likewise, Firth said weekly time in the temple helps her remember what is truly important at school.

“I am here to learn, and it also helps me to value the school even more.”

Both Firth and Bristain expressed how the temple helps them feel closer to their families, both on earth and on the other side of the veil.

Bristain shared since she has a temple recommend, she has a duty to do temple work for her ancestors. “They need me, and I need them. You just have to think your ancestors are there for you and are going to help you every step of the way if you help them.”

Firth also said she feels the temple is a place where the Spirit dwells in abundance. “I know Heavenly Father gives us feelings of comfort and peace, especially through those around us. When you go to the temple, I feel that’s when it all comes together.”