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Meet the new BYUHSA

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What is BYUHSA? BYUHSA is an acronym for Brigham Young University-Hawaii Service Association. The organization’s specific role is to serve the students and student organizations. BYUHSA has gone through a major reorganization in the past year to help us condense and focus on developing a closer ear to the students and the presidencies of Student Associations (formerly called clubs or chapters) on campus. Previous BYUHSA Presidencies have been organized with one President and two Executive Vice Presidents who oversaw 12 additional Area Vice Presidents. These representatives oversaw most student activities, and community service projects as well as student Associations and Student Advisory Council (SAC).What is BYUHSA today? BYUHSA is now organized into three areas and has a President and two Vice Presidents. The idea is move all of student activities and community service projects to more specialized teams within our department, and focus the Presidency on student leadership, students concerns and the Associations that have been developed on campus. Here are the three areas that are under BYUHSA:The first area is leadership development which is handled by the President Marc Gardner. The role of the President is to provide strong leadership for the BYUHSA teams and leadership development opportunities for the student body, especially through engagement with SAC and Associations. The President facilitates meetings and presents to students, departments and University Administration.The second area of focus is Student Advisory Council which is managed by the Vice President Sery Kuma Kone and the Student Advisory Council Team. They are the research, recommendation, and education arm of BYUHSA and they will look into unresolved concerns of any student and student related issues on campus. The feedback form is accessed at: under the SAC button.The third area of focus is the Student Association Presidencies who work with the Vice President Blake Va’aulu on creating positive activities within Associations. These student Associations were once called clubs on campus; there are 41 Associations, with 2,450 members signed up this semester. During the 2014 Fall Semester, there were 117 funded activities and many more weekly activities held by the Associations. This is a place for all students to connect with other students in meaningful ways.What happened to the other areas before the reorganization? Within our department of Student Leadership, Activities, and Service (SLAS) is BYUHSA, the Student Events Team, the HUB, the Service Center, the iLead group, the Aloha Center Front Desk, New Student Orientation and our wonderful Media Team focus on providing excellent and focused service in these areas. With all of the changes that have happened at BYUHSA, we would love for you to visit us in the SLAS office in the Aloha Center (Room 131) and get involved!
Writer: SLAS