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Members of the BYU–Hawaii ohana celebrate school’s 65th birthday, speculate about future growth

Five people in attendance at the school's birthday party stand in front of a table with platters of cake.

To celebrate the 65th birthday of BYU–Hawaii, students and faculty gathered in the Aloha Center on Feb. 12 to share cake, favorite memories of exploring new cultures and predictions of the growth of the university over the next 65 years.

Melba Latu, dean of students, shared how the Student Advisory Council and Honor Team were approached to distribute cake in celebration of the historic date. Latu elaborated on the importance of the event and why it was recognized by the campus. She said, “It is a historical event when ground was broken for this university.”

Students shared some favorite memories of the school, which included meeting various friends from around the world. Fidelish Metta, a senior from Papua New Guinea majoring in Pacific Island studies, shared her favorite memory at BYUH has been making new friends from different parts of the world and having them become family.

Metta explained, “Because you are far from home, having friends that are like family here is the substitute.”

Similarly, Raichelle Ae, a sophomore majoring in Hawaiian studies from Oahu, shared how some of her favorite memories at BYUH have been meeting new people. Ae commented, “I have made some of my best friends here.”

Another perspective shared by Ae was the opportunity she had been given to learn about different cultures and even more about her own. Ae said, “Through my major, Culture Night, and the other Pacific Island studies classes, I’ve gained more of an appreciation for it.”

Shelby Stubbs, a freshman from Utah majoring in business management with a focus on economics, shared her favorite memories have been going to the intramural games and supporting friends and going to the devotionals. Stubbs commented, “I go every week, and I feel it is very uplifting.”

While reflecting on the growth BYUH has experienced since ground was broken, students commented on what they feel the campus will look like in another 65 years. Metta shared, “I think it will expand in terms of having a lot of kids coming to school here and bigger facilities.” Ae shared, “I feel like there will be a lot more people if they build more.”

Latu shared her thoughts on what BYUH will look like in the future. She shared, “We will continue to build on our influence around the world. We will dramatically increase the incredible students who are graduating.”

Stubbs shared her enjoyment for the activities put on by Seasider Sports and Activities, and how it can bring others together. Stubbs also commented on what she envisions BYUH will look like in another 65 years. She said, “Hopefully they will have a new [Cafeteria], sports teams and sports fields by then.”