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Missionaries offer free services during the pandemic

A man standing on the stairs taking a chair in his hands while another man stands at the bottom of the stairs.

Missionaries serving on Oahu said they love to serve others, especially during the difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through Facebook they offered to do wash cars, yard work, cleaning, home improvement projects and home scripture study.

“This is the time… people need a helping hand. Why wouldn’t you want help from someone to do a car wash or any other job? Why not have that extra hand around? Ask us for help,” said Elder Naea, a missionary from California.

Elder Simpson, also from California, said, “Please call.”

Their other companion, Elder Ludovico, from California, added how the missionaries genuinely wanted to help.

To Simpson, the meaning of service is sharing and showing love to one another.

Ludovico said service is keeping the second greatest commandment of loving thy neighbor. Naea said, “Service is loving people enough to forget about yourself.”

Serving others

The missionaries also offered ways people could serve alongside them. Simpson said, “Make sure you’re checking up with people in your ward. Don’t check out and just do church at home and not reach out to others.” He encouraged people to do their ministering work.

Naea said Church leaders, and especially President Russell M. Nelson, have been preparing church members for this time to continue in the Lord’s work. “This is what it has all led up to, so we can bring the gospel to others and continue to have the church function and stay organized. … We were prepared,” he said.

Ludovico said, “God is in control, and he is aware.”

He added how everyone has a supreme being who knows what they are going through, and this is an opportunity for others to learn. “People are going towards religion, and we have the chance to touch others through technology.”

According to Simpson, “People are being humbled, feared into repentance and to change. People are wanting to learn more because of [COVID-19]. I’m seeing a lot of curiosity in non-members, which is excellent for missionary work.

Naea added people can use the internet to ask if others need help. He also said, “Share your testimony often. You can do this by posting on social media.”

The elders said they had to get creative during the pandemic. Naea explained, “We have been asking questions to others about the gospel on our Facebook stories and making it interactive to respond. People can have more opportunity to learn the gospel.”