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Moms' tips for sick days


Curling up next to your mom is the best cure when you’re sick, but as adults we have to find other remedies. “Being sick isn’t always so bad, it gives me an excuse to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day,” said Hannah Davis, a freshman from Arkansas majoring in business, when asked how she battled being ill. Whether it’s a cold or the stomach flu, here are some tips from moms for those days when you aren’t feeling your best. 1. Citrus: The pulp in citrus fruits is known to boost your immune system. This is what makes orange juice such a great option when you’re feeling under the weather.Spicy Foods: If you have a stomachache, spicy foods might be a bad idea; but if you’re looking to clear up those sinuses, peppers are sure to help.2. Coconut Water: Perfect for replacing those electrolytes and hydrating your body, giving it the boost it needs to get you feeling better.3. Crackers: Eating unsalted crackers or dry toast helps ease queasy stomachs by absorbing some of those toxins.4. Bananas: The potassium found in bananas is a great source to replace those electrolytes lost when you have a fever. 5. Eggs: Eggs help break down the toxins in your body so these are a great choice when you’re feeling sick. 6. Ginger Ale: Sipping flat ginger ale or Sprite when you have an upset stomach helps to ease nausea. 7. Popsicles: These are the perfect treat to sooth a sore throat and keep hydrated.8. Honey: Honey is filled with anti-oxidants so add a tablespoon to some herbal tea or water. 9. Tomato Juice: A cup of V8 juice will give you the boost you need to rehydrate and get feeling better.Try out a few of these simple things and find out what works for you. It would be best to not get sick at all! Here are some things you can do to not get sick in the first place.• Wash your hands before each meal and after using the restroom. • If someone in your house or dorm room is sick, cut a white onion in half and leave it out. The onion will absorb the bacteria and help prevent others from getting sick. Be sure to throw it out once it starts to turn black, you don’t want that bacteria sitting around!• Drink 8 oz of grape juice every morning to prevent the stomach flu.• Keep a clean living environment.• Eat foods rich with vitamins.Along with plenty of rest, these tips might be useful next time you’re feeling sick. Make sure to take care of yourself and keep your body healthy!Uploaded March 6, 2015.
Writer: Ali Apgood