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More than 700 students attended 'The Bachelor' themed closing social, making it a success, says Seasider Sports & Activities employee

landscape shot of a female student smiling in the front with a male student standing a little behind her with his hands in his pocket while dancing in dim lighting under colorful dance lights
Students enjoying the BYUH end-of-semester dance party.

With more than 700 students in attendance, the Winter Semester Closing Social had an amazing turnout, according to student employee Zayne Williams, a senior from Florida majoring in communications.

Not only did students come and stay for the entirety of the dance, but also they were respectful, energetic and in Honor Code standards, said Williams.

Marissa Shin, a freshman from Myanmar majoring in English, said dancing makes her feel alive and “newly energized after a busy day with work and school.” She shared how she loved attending a BYUH dance party because students are respectful towards one another.

Williams added, “We really wanted to give students the opportunity, right before things get crazy, to relax, let loose and do so in a safe environment.” While they decided the date of the closing semester dance last semester, planning began in January.

Ethan Ballard, a senior from Las Vegas, Nevada, majoring in business management, said this was one of his favorite dances the school has ever hosted. If he could say anything to younger students, Ballard said he would advise them to try out new things. “I definitely was hesitant to go to dances, but after going to them, I was always glad I went. Give them a shot!”

landscape shot with dim lighting of a student couple hugging and facing the camera holding a red rose in the Aloha Center Ballroom during a school dance
The party featured red roses as part of "The Bachelor" theme.

A “Bachelor” worthy party

Williams explained how her idea of “The Bachelor” theme for a dance started out as a joke, but as planning ideas were thrown out, the Seasider Sports & Activities team decided to roll with it.

The bachelor theme was inspired by the television show “The Bachelor,” where a single man sets out on his journey to love in order to find his wife among 30 different women. On the show, exquisite parties are hosted every week and roses given out to the women he is interested in.

Held in the Aloha Ballroom, the dance floor was covered with colored lights, confetti-filled balloons and fog from fog machines. To highlight the bachelor theme, decorations included light-up plastic rings, red carpets, roses by the dozen and red and gold accents.

A photo booth with an elegant backdrop and props such as signs, crowns and tiaras lent a picture-perfect place students could snap a photo in “The Bachelor” themed regalia.

In addition, a booth was set up where students were able to vote for the most eligible bachelorette, most eligible bachelor, the best dressed and best dancer. The winners were announced at the close of the dance.