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New Music Friday


No more “New music Tuesday,” a day in the United States dedicated to the release of albums from artists, says the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. IFPI made the decision to make a switch to “New music Friday,” after conducting a public poll. It will make "New music Friday" official starting the Summer of 2015.The CEO of IFPI, Frances Moore, explained in an official statement this decision has been made “because it is what our consumers want. They want music when it’s available on the Internet - not when it’s ready to be released in their country.” Moore also suggested, “Global release day is about celebrating new music. By creating a single day for new releases across the world, it’s an opportunity to re-awaken the excitement and anticipation of new music everywhere.”Moore also believes “the global release day narrows the gap on piracy by making it less likely that consumers will go to pirate sites when they can get new releases in their country.”New music Tuesday has been an American custom since April of 1989, according to Billboard. The new global release date is now set for Friday so that all countries can release their music at the same time. Hailey Page, a junior majoring in exercise science from California, said, “I think it would be cool for us to hear music from people all around the world. It is kind of cool to know that if I am really bored on Friday I can check it out from different places.”Others students do not necessarily feel like this change will make a big difference. Wealthia Apao, a junior majoring in piano performance from the Philippines, said, “Overall, I think it is a good decision. I don’t think it is really a big deal if music is released on a certain day.” Graceanne Warburton, a sophomore majoring in history from Nevada agreed. Warburton said, “It doesn’t really affect me whether or not it is released on Tuesday or Friday. Music is still music. Not that much of a delay because everything is so instant.”Uploaded March 10, 2015
Writer: Alyssa Troyanek