Kahuku Farms offer tours of land

Written by: 
Meagan Crowell ~ Multimedia Journalist

All year long the smell of fresh lilikoi and ono banana bread floats across Kahuku Farms and down Kamehameha Hwy. The farm has become more than agriculture land. It’s a place of gathering for the North Shore community with its caf serving items made with fresh produce from the farm.

Kahuku Farms was opened in 2010 by its owners, the Matsudas and Fukuyamas. They built the farm with a vision, they said, to enhance the quality of life and share an appreciation of agriculture on Oahu. The Matsudas and Fukuyamas began farming in the early 1900s. Both families merged their farmland in 1986 when they discovered their similar passion for agriculture.

Since then, their children have inherited the task of developing Kahuku Farms as not only a café but also a place of gathering that offers farm tours, educational programs with hands-on farming, and ono food.

Tolovae Tito, a local from Laie, keeps his figure, not just by working out, but by visiting Kahuku Farms on a weekly basis. Tito stated, “The grilled veggie panini is my favorite. It’s healthy and delicious. This place is the best. It really adds a different vibe to the community through its yummy, healthy food.”

Kahuku Farms offers a menu of soups, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, smoothies, and dessert. Farm fresh smoothies are made from hand-picked fruits from the farm. Another favorite for visitors and locals is Kahuku Farms natural, no preservatives ice cream flavors, including vanilla bean, apple banana, and lilikoi.

“This place is a good getaway for people who are accustomed to fast food and unhealthy eating. I love Kahuku Farms and their banana bread sundaes are to die for,” said Joshua Martinez, a junior majoring in business and frequent visitor to Kahuku Farms.

Kahuku Farms provides a tour for those interested in seeing the fields and witnessing the work that is put into farming. This tour is a 1-hour excursion and includes a sampling of farm fruits. It costs $22 for adults and $15 for children. A 30-minute smoothie tour is also available at Kahuku Farms. It is a wagon ride through the family farm to see where the fresh papaya and apple bananas are harvested. The tour is topped of with a fresh fruit papaya power smoothie for each passenger. It costs $12 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 to 5.

Roman Benioni, a sophomore majoring in exercise sports science, said, “I’ve been here time and time again, and this place never fails me. Just knowing that I am putting healthy food into my body while being in one of the most beautiful farms on the North Shore is awesome.”

Kahuku Farms is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. but is closed on Tuesdays.