Nikki Holbrook, crowned Miss Hawaii, shares BYUH Professor prepared her for the competition
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Mackenzie Beaver
Nikki Holbrook was crowned Miss Hawaii 2019 on June 15, 2019.
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Courtesy of the Miss Hawaii Organization

On June 15, Nikki Holbrook, a BYU–Hawaii sophomore originally from California studying business, was crowned Miss Hawaii 2019 after competing against 17 other contestants in the 75th Miss Hawaii Competition.

Holbrook said she will take the next step in the Miss America Organization and will train for the Miss America Pageant on Sept. 9 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“This is a dream come true. I have been working towards this for quite some time and am so grateful to just be walking on the Miss America stage. I am still in shock just saying it. I cannot wait to represent our state of Hawaii and I hope to make everyone proud.”

After Holbrook was crowned, The Miss Hawaii Organization Executive Director Ryan Brown said, “We are so excited to have Nikki as our new Miss Hawaii and we are confident that she will represent the state of Hawaii well.”

Holbrook said she was a runner-up last year at the Miss California pageant, and then in the fall of 2018 she won Miss Central Oahu.

Dr. Kate McLellan, an assistant exercise and sport science professor at BYUH was in attendance at the Miss Hawaii competition to support Holbrook. McLellan said Holbrook came to her before the pageant and asked for help.

“Nikki came to me a few months ago wanting to make some final improvements to her physique and ‘look’ before her Miss Hawaii pageant. She was in great shape and had a good diet, but also had a knee injury that made exercising difficult and wanted to see if she could change anything to get the results she was aiming for.”

Holbrook expressed her gratitude for winning Miss Hawaii and how she achieved a lifelong dream. She said she was born and raised in California, but now feels connected to her father’s Hawaiian roots. Holbrook said, “I am so honored to represent the Hawaiian state.”

Holbrook added she won the Miss Hawaii with her talent in trained classical piano as well as her passion for service. Holbrook created her platform S.N.A.P. (Service Nurtures All People), which she said is about educating youth of the importance of service in our communities, for her interactive presentation.

At the Miss Hawaii Competition, Holbrook performed a classical piano-concerto in A minor by Edvard Grieg.

“It takes great skill and patience to play classical piano and it has taken me years upon years of consistent practice to develop this ability.

“The talent portion of the competition is important to me because it has helped me build my character and learn the skills of hard work, dedication and patience. The hard work I have undertaken to become a skilled pianist provides me an opportunity to share my talents with others.”

Date Published
June 26, 2019
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June 26, 2019