Student Advisory Council says by promoting the Honor Code they are celebrating and encouraging all to live with honor
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Will Krueger
SAC encourages people to live the Honor Code
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Brad Carbine

The Student Advisory Council (SAC), in conjunction with the honor team, set up a booth in the Aloha Center on Friday, Sept. 20 to encourage students to live the Honor Code and feel happy in doing so.

Student manager of SAC, Sieg Coronel, a senior majoring in business from the Philippines, said, “We are riding on the devotional and President Tanner’s words to encourage everybody, new, returning and old students to live the Honor Code.”

Sharing how the Honor Code has blessed his life, Coronel said, “The Honor Code safeguards me not just spiritually, but physically as well. The Honor Code is one thing that attracted me, and several other people I know, to come to this school. People coming here know they are going to be in a safe environment and want to be a part of that.”

The booth was set up at the Aloha Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. as the Farmer’s Market was going. Dozens of students visited the booth. Coronel added, “[SAC] and the honor team are trying to promote the Honor Code more and encourage people to live it.

“What we did here today is to let people check themselves in the mirror to see if they are in standards and then give them a popsicle and a thank you card for being in standards.”

Design specialist for SAC, Christian Salenga, a junior majoring in business management from the Philippines, said, “We are promoting the Honor Code. This campaign is to support people who follow the Honor Code. We want to support them and encourage all to live with honor.

“We don’t want to embarrass people who aren’t in standards, but we want to echo what President Tanner and the school encourages all students to do. Living the Honor Code is a blessing.”

Luke Willis, a freshman majoring in business from California, said of his experience visiting the booth, “I’m happy to see the SAC promoting the Honor Code. Some people may have some issues with it, but I feel that the Honor Code can help and bless students as a result of living the principles.”

Coronel explained the mission of SAC is to help improve students’ lives. “We are like the middle ground between the school and the students. Our goal is to build and foster the relationships between the students and the school.”

He said SAC had an outreach for students last week to present ideas they have about the school and said SAC is open to ideas from students who would like to have their voice or ideas heard regarding the school.

According to the BYU-Hawaii website, SAC is “a neutral body communicating student opinions to the administration to increase transparency.” SAC conducts surveys and focus groups, hosts Q&A forums and sits on school administrative councils.

Date Published
September 30, 2019
Last Edited
September 20, 2019