Students say it’s possible to still enjoy scary movies and not have it affect your spirituality
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Cody Bruce Barney
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Scary movies are not everyone’s favorite, but students that do enjoy them say it might be because of the jump scare that triggers adrenaline or the ridiculousness of the movie itself. Nonetheless, while some students said they don’t watch scary movies because of how they make them feel or scream, there are still students who say these films can be enjoyed with friends who wonder what’s around the corner.

Jhon Alfonso, a biomedical science student from the Philippines, said, “The scariest are the movies about witchcraft, evil spirits or possession of bodies. What makes scary movies appealling to me is the chills and the suspense that it gives every time I watch them. Scary movies have me on the edge of my seat. A good scary movie has a lot of twists and scenes that are unexpected for the viewers.”

Agreeing with Alfonso, Dominic Samora, a senior from Washington majoring in intercultural peacebuilding, said he thinks scary movies are popular for the same reason roller coasters are popular. “They bring a certain adrenaline that is not felt too often, and some people really enjoy feeling that. I really love rollercoasters so I can understand why people would like scary movies.”

However, Samora said even though he enjoys rollercoasters and the adrenaline that comes from them, he does not “do” scary movies because he feels like they “plant little ideas in your mind that later revisit you late at night, but they end up being worse because it’s magnified by your imagination.”

Business lnsider explains that “some people adore the rush they get from watching a horror flick; others can’t stand how filmmakers somehow worm their way into your consciousness, building up tension and then striking that moment of terror with a jump scare or with some creepy moment that seems to burn itself into your brain.

“Using images and sound, the best horror directors are able to tap into a part of your brain that operates purely on instinct. When you sit down to watch “It” or “The Ring,” you know that the movie isn’t real. And yet somehow, the best scary films put you on the edge of your seat, ready to jump, sometimes actually eliciting a yelp or a gasp.”

But scary movies aren’t always terrifying, according to Gwen Gottschall, a senior from Utah majoring in intercultural peacebuilding. She said she loves scary movies because sometimes they are ridiculous and badly done. “They get me thinking, and they’re usually so crazy and fun to see the crazy things people come up with."

She laughed and commented that she wasn’t sure if she had a favorite or least favorite horror film. “I even like the bad ones because they’re humorous and entertaining for me. To me I like the classic horror films, especially gory. They’re not as well shot and stuff, but I love them because they’re classic.”

Beka Biladeau, a sophomore peacebuilding major from California, said she doesn’t watch horror films, not because she is scared, but for the sanity of those around her. She explained, “The only horror film I've ever seen was the ‘Woman in Black’ with Daniel Radcliffe. It had quite a few jump scares that made me scream. I watched it at my friend Pippa's house, and I wouldn't say my screaming made people angry, but peeved her mom enough to scold me. [Daniel Radcliffe] was pretty much the only reason I watched it. I would [watch horror movies,] not alone, but definitely with friends."


Date Published
October 31, 2019
Last Edited
October 31, 2019