Devotional with Jared Marcum: Fear not to do good

Written by: 
Siyang Chen

Emotions of trust are from God, but the emotion of fear is from Satan, said Jared Marcum, the assistant professor of religion and director of online learning, in his Devotional address on Tuesday, May 26, which you can <a href=""> read in full</a>. He gave a spiritual talk on the topic of fear. He explained all the emotions that can be trusted, like love, joy, faith, and longsuffering, are all from Lord. However, the emotion that cannot be trusted is fear because it is from Satan.

Marcum gave suggestions of how to overcome fear. First, spiritual courage must be driven by a deep and intense desire to do good, to be obedient, and to be free of fear, doubt, anger, pain and sorrow. Second, we must realize that we need help and we cannot overcome our fears on our own. Third, we must commune with God. Last, once we know what the Lord expects, we must act with courage.

For this devotional, several students bring their thoughts and comments, such as Aimione Tlapaa, a freshman from Tonga majoring in math, who said, “The world is getting worst, and we need to be stronger and fear not. We can do better and we will, so act with courage is important and it is the only way to overcome fear.”

Sara Solomon, a freshman from Arizona majoring in exercise science shared her thoughts about the devotional talk in a list:
1. Fearing taking risk
2. Fear cannot be trusted, it is interesting to see how as individuals are allow fear to control our lives.
3. When everything else in the world seems so unsure, the gospel is sure.
4. There is a need to recognize God and all his kindness because it is all truly amazing.
5. Sometime we are asked to do ridiculous things, things that we may not understand at the moment, but trusting in God, he will revived everything to us in his time. He is constantly aware of us and our needs.
6. There is a need in this day and age to overcome fear, like fear of internal faiths.
7. We need to be active in the gospel every day.

Lizet Torres, a senior from California majoring in psychology said, “in the talk, it said ‘peace, joy, and courage only come from Christ’. As a student, this is what I yearn and seek after—the courage to calm my fears.”

James Sinkovic, working in the Student Leadership & Activities Service from California shared his thoughts: “I really enjoyed the topics on overcoming fear, especially because I left devotional with a great determination to be a fearless disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Uploaded June 8, 2015