Apple releases new iPhone 7, students say they're not impressed

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Danna Osumo

Two years after the iPhone 6 was released, Apple has released the new iPhone 7 featuring new wireless headphones, an improved battery, water-resistant capability and a dual camera, according to The New York Times. BYU-Hawaii students expressed their excitement for the new rendition but remained skeptical about the new features.

Joseph Duano, a marketing junior from Virginia, said he will wait for more developments to the upcoming iPhone 7s or 8. “It’s cool that they have better battery life and are trying out the new Airpods, but it’s silly that we need to pay an extra $160 for it,” said Duano. “I’m not really attracted to it and hope that in the iPhone 7s or 8, they’ll change something.”

Apple has explained the headphone jack has been removed to provide more room for faster chips, better batteries and become water-resistant, according to The New York Times. Wireless headphones, called Airpods, look like a cross between earrings and electric toothbrush heads, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Airpods have entirely replaced the headphones with this model.

“I heard there is an adaptor that we can buy to use the old headphones,” said Rachel Barney, a business management freshman from Idaho. She said it will be hard to keep track of the new wires and adaptors. “Also, we can’t charge our phones and use our headphones at the same time, which will make it hard. But then again, it is said to have longer battery life. We’ll just have to wait and see how successful it is,” said Barney.

The improved battery is now 14 percent larger than previous models, reported The New York Times. In addition, Apple’s new processor knows how to turn off portions that aren’t in use to save power.

Designed to be water-resistant and to live for up to 30 minutes under a meter of water is good news for users, according to John Bangal, a senior studying international cultural studies from the Philippines. “Most of us drop our phones, and this can help increase the life span of the iPhone,” he said.

The iPhone 7 also has dual cameras, one for wide shots, and the other with a 2x lens, according to The Wall Street Journal. Bangal said as a Samsung phone user, he thinks the quality of the new camera installed in the iPhone 7 is the same as the Samsung phones. “From my experience, the Samsung phone cameras are excellent and have better precision than the current iPhone. So if Apple improved it, it would reach the standard of the Galaxy S7 and Note 7.”

Apple reported the iPhone 7 will have limited availability in stores, and currently the pre-orders of jet black and Plus models are sold out.

Date Published: 
Thursday, September 15, 2016
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Thursday, September 15, 2016