Seventy says to not compare, limit present self to past self, and to continue in faith at BYUH devotional

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Courtney Bow Nielsen

Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy’s emphasized the importance of staying firm in the faith despite today’s challenges at the Oct. 3 BYU-Hawaii devotional. Titled “Facing Today’s Challenges and Fostering Multi-generational Faith,” Cardon gave students three specific things to do to be firm: not to compare themselves to others, not to limit their present self to their past self, and to continue in faith even when things are difficult because joy will come.

Students commented on how the devotional helped remind them to act with faith in a way that is specific to their generation. Teddy Hansen, a junior from California studying international cultural studies and political science, said, “What stood out to me was how he emphasized the relevance of his topic to us in our generation.”

Marissa Soteco, a senior from Kahuku studying graphic design, said, “On his third point, he mentioned that although things are difficult and it can be hard to be happy, we can continue in faith and find joy. He said that it is through the little things in life we can find joy.

“I love that. It stood out to me because after the re-emphasis on President Monson’s plea to read the Book of Mormon every day, I knew it was a small and simple thing that I need to work on in order to invite the Spirit in my life and to find joy.”

Elder Cardon explained before he came to speak at the devotional, he and Debbie had previously met with their eight children along with their spouses and 41 of their 42 grandchildren. “The one missing grandchild was on a mission,” Elder Cardon added with a smile.

They gathered in a special meeting they call the “CCC,” or “Cardon College Crew,” where they talked about the assignment Elder Cardon had coming up speaking at BYUH. Together, they came up with the three points they felt were most important to focus on in this devotional.

These three points served as the framework for Cardon’s devotional.

Elder Cardon encouraged students to “keep learning and with each new present day, allow for continuing improvement and acknowledge that improvement when it comes.”

Hansen said, “My favorite part was talking about how a part of becoming like our Father in Heaven and our Savior is by looking forward with faith no matter who we are or what circumstances we are in.”

Soteco added, “I love that we have a devotional every week. It sets a specific time and place in the week besides Sunday to refocus our thoughts on the Savior and his gospel.”

Debbie Cardon, Elder Cardon’s wife, introduced her husband and explained he majored in accounting at Arizona State University and later studied at Harvard University. He also served as a stake missionary, in the stake presidency, as a mission president, and as a stake president and other callings.

“During those busy years,” Debbie said, “Craig was often up late into the night fulfilling his many responsibilities. I can honestly say that no matter how tired he was, he never let his eyes close on a day without having them fall on the scriptures: especially the Book of Mormon.”

The full devotional can be found on the official BYU-Hawaii Facebook page or on the BYUH YouTube channel

Date Published: 
Friday, October 6, 2017
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Friday, October 6, 2017