Students weigh the pros and cons of having cold weather during the holidays

Written by: 
Hannah Jones

BYU-Hawaii students from cold places share whether or not they miss cold weather and snow during the upcoming winter holidays.


Tseegii Dugar, a sophomore majoring in communications from Mongolia, said, “Sometimes I miss the cold weather, especially when I get sunburned or sweaty while I'm doing nothing.”


Dugar acknowledged that there are negatives to the cold. “I don’t like cold weather [because of] the possibility of getting a cough or other minor illnesses. My Christmas and New Year's memories are all connected to cold weather and snow because there is always snow during the holidays in Mongolia.”


However, Dugar said there are advantages to cold weather. “There are no insects, especially [B4] disease carrying insects.” Dugar said she jokes with her roommates all the time that because they live in Hawaii, they live in an “insect zoo.”

He said, “I feel like cold weather is fresh. I am an adaptable person, so I can live anywhere and in any weather.”


Rachel Meline, a freshman studying biomedicine from Utah, said, “I absolutely love the cold weather.”


When asked why, Meline said, “I love Temple Square lights with my family, and cute dates, and hot chocolate, and sledding, and just having an all-around joyous time. [Snow gives] a homey feel because it's safe and peaceful. If I ever hated anything [about snow], it would be not having it here. Sometimes the cold can be annoying if it goes on for too long.”


Fatafehi Vaha‘i Jr., a freshman from Tonga majoring in biochemistry, has never seen snow except for in photos. “I think the coldest weather I've been in is in New Zealand. The temperature was like negative five.


“I do want to see snow because I want to feel it for myself and enjoy the beauty of it.”


Although he wants to experience snow one day, Vaha‘i said he has never had the desire to be in the cold. He stated, “I come from a tropical island where it doesn’t snow at all. I have never desired cold weather.”


Sergelenbaatar Oyungerel, a senior from Mongolia majoring in accounting, said, “People love snow because it's just a different season to do different things other than the things they usually do. Also, they love the feeling of snow because of its beautiful sparkling color. I have always [had] a warm Christmas. I wouldn’t mind a cold Christmas.”


It snows a lot during Christmas time in Mongolia, said Oyungerel. “It snows a lot. I really miss my cold weather when Christmas comes. Who does not like a white Christmas night? When it gets too hot in Hawaii, I definitely miss my nice cold breezes in Mongolia.


“On the other hand, I don’t miss the cold weather that much because it's kind of expensive to buy four different season clothes each year. Plus, when it’s cold in Mongolia, I get a red nose and cheeks.”

Date Published: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Last Edited: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017