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Rate of Return Rises


BYU-Hawaii Security announced 85 percent of stolen items have been returned to their owners due to added security measures. Chris Patenaude, a junior business management major from Washington, D.C., said Security found his moped. “I thought it was a lost cause to file a missing report but Security surprised me.”McKinzie Norton, a sophomore in graphic design from Kansas, is another student who has benefited from the change. She said, “Out of all the things to lose, I lost my wallet. Thankfully, after two days Security found it. Only $5 were missing. Not too bad. I’m glad [Security] was there to help me out.”The Campus Security mission statement outlines how Security employees should conduct themselves, and their dedication to the campus: “We exist to provide optimum security services to our university, community, and friends. BYUH welcomes all that would honor our standards and respect our principles and resources.”It continues, “The primary responsibility for safety and security lies with each of us individually. You can help by learning how to protect yourself, personal and school property.”Students said they appreciate Security’s help. “I’ve never had a problem with Security here, but I have always heard people complaining about Security flaws,” said Rebecca Weniger, an undeclared freshman from Ohio. "But then last week, my roommate’s bike was stolen and she got it back pretty quickly. A good image is sure to build for Security nowadays.”Tyler Gago-Kaka, part-time shift supervisor for Security, said with the new Head of Security, Earl “Torch” Morris, the department has an improved way of handling situations on campus. He stated, “For safety reasons, when you’re going against oncoming traffic, the officers let you know you can’t ride the wrong way in the big and little circles or the sidewalk. It is protecting you and those around you.”Security officers stated their main focus is the well-being of the students, faculty and staff. However, to maintain a safe and secure environment, the full support and cooperation of the university and community is required. They further emphasized the security of university lies with each person, no matter how effective the school’s programs may be.Uploaded Feb 5, 2015
Writer: Jessica Tautfest