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Spending a day at Aulani

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, is a beachside resort full of Disney magic, Hawaiian culture, yummy food and ocean views for both paying guests and daytime visitors

Multi-colored shave ice with Mickey Mouse ears and condensed milk on top in a bowl
Aulani has touches of Disney magic everywhere, including Mickey Mouse-inspired food and Disney characters roaming the park.
Photo by Yui Leung

If BYU–Hawaii students are looking for one last spot to explore before the end of the summer break, Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa could be the option. As shared on, the combination of rich Hawaiian culture and the Walt Disney Imagineers creates a world-class standard of entertainment, lodging and facilities. Contemporary Hawaiian art and design can be seen all over the resort.

Situated in Kapolei near the beach, the resort focuses on water activities and Hawaiian culture. Guests can swim in the saltwater lagoon with the fish or engage in the hula lesson. Unfortunately, the interactive activities and facilities they offer are exclusive to the guests who stay in the resort and are not open to the public without reservation.

However, anyone can enter Aulani and see the Disney characters, swim at the lagoon and buy treats and souvenirs. Aulani has shops full of Hawaii-themed Mickey ears and Disney T-shirts, and they have a stand that sells shave ice with Mickey ears on top. Visitors can also stroll a picturesque pathway along the beach that connects four separate lagoons. BYUH students who want to feel the Disney magic for a day can find free parking near the beaches or park for a fee of up to $37 a day in Aulani’s parking structure.

Isaac Berry, a tourist from Arkansas who stayed at Aulani, said, “I really like the activites in this place, one of my favorite activities is the Thingamabobs, it’s an activity where the guest could bury some of the people in the group and create a mermaid tail from the sand. The resort provided a lot of playing tools and Disney accessories to beautify.”

Aimee Raldziewicz, a tourist from Montana, shared she chose this resort because she planned to enjoy a staycation and get the most facilities in one spot. She said the most special thing about this resort is the safe environment they provide, which is very exclusive to the guests. She suggested, “If you are coming here with younger kids, it is a fantastic place because you will get everything you need without moving from one place to another.” She said it is also entertaining for children because the Disney characters roam around the resort all the time which creates good memories for them.

She added even as an adult it is still a good place to spend your holiday because of the offered spa and other island excursions, from surfing lessons to hiking.

Two young adult men throw beanbags as they play cornhole
The resort has beachside games for guests, a walking path for visitors, food stands and kiosks to book adventures across Oahu.
Photo by Joseph Ariono