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Spice up your FHE with these activities

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Making Family Home Evenings entertaining and creative in college gives students something to look forward to on Monday nights. Justin Cardiff, a senior from Georgia studying business finance, said he tries to magnify his calling of FHE Committee president. “The activities are number one to making a good FHE. It’s all about planning. It is one of the few callings where your job is to have fun.” Cardiff said the secret is making it simple and fun, with a quick preparation time. Here is a list compiled from BYU-Hawaii students and Pinterest to spice up FHE. 1. Simultaneously launch towards the middle of the gym around four people lying on their stomachs on skateboards with a rope attached. Their goal is to capture as many balls/balloons as possible with a laundry basket. Continue launching, until all the balls/balloons are gone. Materials: skateboards, laundry baskets, balls/balloons.2. Slip 'N’ Slide Kickball. It’s just like kickball, but instead of running to the bases, you have slip 'n' slides connecting them. The bases are kiddy pools. Materials: stakes, tarp, soap, hose, kiddy pools. 3. Photo scavenger hunt. Split into teams. Include a list of odd/ funny/ nearly impossible tasks to photograph with your group. At the end, create a slideshow and laugh.4. Reserve the Little Circle for $35 dollars for your ward and they will turn the lights on. Play volleyball, soccer, capture the flag, LARP (Live action role play) sword fighting, and anything else. 5. Pudding Pictionary. Instead of drawing with pens, draw with your fingers using pudding.6. Human Foosball. Get long PVC pipes and assign 3 to 4 people to each pole. Have 4-6 rows of people alternating the team. No one can use their hands and they can only move side to side to try to kick a soccer ball into their goal.7. Whose secret is it? Everyone writes something that no one in the room knows about them on an index card. All the cards are gathered and three people are called up at a time. One of three person’s card is chosen and all three of them see it. Their goal is to convince the audience that it is their card by coming up with a story to explain the card. The audience then votes.8. Muggle Quidditch. Materials: 6 hula-hoops attached to pvc pipes (goals), 15 players (one player is the snitch and has a sock with a small ball in it, 14 brooms, 1 foam soccer ball (quaffle), 4 foam balls (bludgers), 1 referee. The snitch is allowed to go outside the limits of the playing field as the two seekers try to find him.Other Ideas with less explanation:1. Blind date activity 2. Speed Dating3. Scripture Chase4. Movie Making Competition 5. Dance lessons at FHE 6. Non-talent, talent show 7. Minute to win it games8. BonFire 9. Go fishing or Crabbing 10. Pig Roast11. Music Night 12. Egg drop competition13. Catapult Competition14. Games from different cultures 15. Water Balloon fight/ toss16. Service activities 17. Glow in the Dark Dodgeball 18. Beach day19. Kissing Rugby 20. Paper Airplane competition21. Art Night22. Bachelor23. Karaoke24. Lip sync battle25. Murder in the dark26. Sardines27. Adult “Don’t touch the lava”28. Color Chalk fight29. Take personality tests30. Three legged dance offUploaded March 12, 2015
Writer: Mackenzie McLeod