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The GoPro revolution

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What started as one surfer’s desire to document his surf trip has turned into a globally recognized billion-dollar company: GoPro. BYU-Hawaii students said they think GoPros promote action sports and encourage people to be active. Today GoPro is a household name, and can be found on the beaches, in the mountains, and in the skies. “It gives you the ability to capture a wave from inside the barrel from a surfer’s point of view, which we never used to be able to do. It’s pretty much the eyes of the surfer. It has taken surf photography to a new level,” said Trey Fortucci, a senior studying exercise science from Oahu. “I think, just like Apple, GoPro is coming out with new products that are attractive to consumers and fit their needs. It’s a ‘life-proof’ camera that is cost effective and geared towards a person’s lifestyle, whatever that lifestyle may be,” said Fortucci.The small camera is almost indestructible and easy to always have with you. “I love the photography from GoPro. It is really unique and it is easy to carry with you wherever you go. There is nothing else like it,” said Megan Tiritilli from California. “A lot of the shots that we are getting with GoPros today would not be possible with a $3,000 camera set-up in hand. It all comes back to costs and mobility. The size and cost of the GoPro is unbeatable. I can fit it in my pocket and still have a good camera that can get the shots that I want,” said Fortucci. The world of action sports is getting flooded with photos and clips from GoPro users around the world. “I think GoPro has put action sports a bit more on the map. Now we have footage of so many different sports and new angles that we did not have before,” said Chris Hoer, a junior from Utah studying business. “Action sports are receiving more exposure and are in the spotlight more often because of GoPro.”Hoer said he believes the exposure can motivate people around the world to follow their passions and show others the joys of living. “It is definitely a good thing. I think it encourages more people to get out there and capture their moments and be active. People will try different things and film it. Ultimately it’s very cool,” said Hoer. Because GoPros are so small, it allows people to get a new perspective from the athletes in the sports they follow. Most of the action sports around the world are using GoPros to capture their most exciting moments. “It’s cool to see exactly what some of these guys are seeing with the point of view angle. It makes you want to do what they are doing,” said Hoer. Uploaded Feb. 25, 2015
Writer: Trenton McCullough