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Halloween celebrated by PCC Theatre Department

PCC theater employees dressed in Halloween costumes line up in eight rows center stage at the Pacific Theater.
At the PCC Theatre Dept Halloween Party, all four teams dance an introduction number together to kick off the Halloween Party of 2022.

BYU–Hawaii students, community members, and children filled the Pacific Theater at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the evening of Oct.26, ready to watch the annual Halloween party performed by the PCC Theater Department. The performance involved four groups of dancers based on different kingdoms: the Animal Kingdom, the Kingdom of Egypt, the Candy Kingdom, and the Underworld Kingdom.

The judges awarded Animal Kingdom the honor of best performance to conclude the show.

Dress in paper mache cloaks that look like feather wings, one of the groups performs a dance in a circle around a couple who stands together in the middle of the circle.
In the annual PCC Theatre Dept. Halloween Party, the Animal Kingdom team performs their routine. This part of the routine is paying tribute to the movie Rio.

Mihiani Tapea, a junior from Tahiti majoring in TESOL education and a member of the Animal Kingdom, congratulated every team for their performances and creativity. She shared, “I am so proud of each of the teams. Each of us worked hard to make this Halloween party a success and to present a very good show.”

Tapea explained, “In five weeks, we were able to put the dances, music, and costumes together. We would rehearse late at night, and now we get to finally rest.”

Tyrell Fesola’i, a senior from Australia, majoring in human resources and another member of the Animal Kingdom, expressed how his stress was relieved as the PCC Halloween party ended. “These past couple of nights have been so stressful for all of us. The organization and planning behind every performance were very demanding.”

Fesola’i explained, “To ensure the costumes, music, and dances were on point, we had some all-nighters. We had to have all-nighters if we wanted our show to be above what we expected. And in the end, it was definitely worth it.”

Three women with dark hair wearing Egyptian decorative collar in Black with blue and gold accents and wearing white, long sheath dresses, sit together in the blue seats of the Pacific Theater.
The PCC theatre dept Halloween party, part of the Egyptian kingdom poses for a picture as they wait to go on stage to perform.

Monaleen Foukimoana, a community member from Laie, said her favorite part of the event was the engagement and excitement of the crowd. She shared, “The hype level was really up there. Watching the performers' talents and creativity on the [stage] was really fun and enjoyable.”

Liahona Levaci, a sophomore from Fiji double majoring in social work and peacebuilding, rated the entire show as 100 out of 10.

One of the performing groups pose for a photos standing on the steps of the Pacific Theater and wearing white, red, pink and black costumes.

She explained, “The time and effort each of them put into performing tonight was beyond everything I expected. The costumes, makeup, and decor were beautiful and unique.”

Liahona Levaci, a sophomore double majoring in social work and intercultural peacebuilding, said she experienced the PCC Halloween party for the first time and was moved by all the performances, especially the Underworld Kingdom.

She expressed, “I was impressed with the Underworld Kingdom. Their performance was intense and scary. They took their performances to another level. The crowded was excited and some of friends were scared by their performances.”

The cast of the Pacific Theater gather for a large group shot of the more than 50 performers with palm trees and hills in the background of the stage.
PCC theatre dept Halloween party, all four teams await to see who is the winner of the Halloween party.

Levaci added, “I was happy to experience this party. All of the performers are talented and very creative with the little details. The movements, music, decorations, and costumes were flawless. Everything was smoothly.”

Foukimoana addressed a specific message to all the performers. She shared, “Good job, everyone. Continue to work hard. Continue to execute all the dances and moves you shared with us tonight because all of the guests who attended this Halloween party will remember you forever.”