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The Skate Escape

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The Great Skate Escape activity started spirit week rolling under the lights of the Little Circle. Students, faculty and community members showed up with their skates, skateboards, bikes, and rollerblades to enjoy this new and interactive start to spirit week. Student Events prepared a roller rink, tug-of-war, and many other games to get the students involved and excited. “We’ve never done anything like this, where you can skate or play on the roadway,” said Eddie Coronado, a Student Events team member. “The Student Events staff is trying to do more than just dances. We wanted to do some more structured games so people can talk and get to know each other, meet others, and do something outside of the box.”The Little Circle was transformed into a roller rink with skaters and bikers doing laps and dancing all night. It was a unique experience to not have any cars in the little circle and just skate as much as possible, said Dee-Kei Waddell, a music major from Okinawa, Japan. “For me as a skater, I just want to skate and it is so fun to get together with other skaters. It is so fun to have all your friends here skating together.”Elizabeth Fong, a graphic design student from Japan said, “This is the first time I am really skating. Its good practice and there is no pressure. It is more fun than just dancing. There are more options; games, music, and skating.”Student Leadership Coordinator Michael Maile said, “We just want to appeal to as many students as possible. Bring a variety of games that everyone can enjoy doing. We just wanted to bring the students something different.” Coronado said skating is a big part of the BYUH experience as people have long boards or skateboards and use it to get to class or work. “This was one of the best activities I’ve been to,” said Waddell, “But it could be because skating is my thing,” he joked.Seth Schellenberg, a Student Activities team member from Utah, said, “This activity was received really well. We want to make it a tradition. Student Activities is working to improve; improve numbers, improve activities, and improve the future. Its pivotal to have people here, that is what makes these kinds of activities so much fun.”“Keep a look out for more and better student events in the future,” said Schellenburg. Uploaded March 2, 2015
Writer: Trenton McCullough