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Tyler Lutz’s work ethic landed him an internship with Tesla, says professor and friend

Tyler Lutz stands in front of one of Tesla's factories on 901 Page Avenue in Fremont, California

Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, recently welcomed BYU–Hawaii student Tyler Lutz for an eight-month internship at its Fremont, California factory. Lutz, a junior from Ohio majoring in supply chain management, will be doing global supply chain management for Tesla over the next eight months.

“Tesla is an amazing company. They’re pushing the limitations on what an automobile company can do and changing the world at the same time,” explained Lutz. He said he is excited to work on what he called some of the most amazing cars and products in the world.

Lutz said he decided to get into supply chain because of his fascination with how natural resources are transformed into products like Tesla’s Model 3 and Roadster.

One week into his internship, Lutz said the hardest part is the learning curve. “From day one, you’re expected to be contributing to the projects … It’s a lot to take in, and you only have a short amount of time to do it.”

Lutz said working for Tesla has been an amazing experience so far. He noted the trust and responsibilities he’s been given have helped make the experience a positive one. “I feel like I’m contributing and making an impact on the work that goes on here,” he said.

In his internship, Lutz explained he is a part of the raw materials team and supports development teams. He also helps with sourcing raw materials for use in production.

Cameron Spendlove, a senior from Utah studying business management, who has been friends with Lutz for two years, said Lutz is a curious person and is always trying to learn new skills.

Spendlove went on to say, “[Lutz is] always going. He’s always working on a new project, but he doesn’t brag about them to people.”

One of Lutz’s former professors, PJ Rogers, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Business & Government, said Lutz is a student he would hire. “Tyler is a go-getter. Tyler is, ‘If I don’t understand it, I’m going to ask until I do understand it.’ Tyler is going to get the job done. He is going to make it happen.”

While a student of Rogers, Lutz began a project that aimed to streamline work orders given to the Housing office through the residential advisors. Rogers said Lutz does not cut corners in his work. He added he would refer him to any business and would “absolutely hire him.”

His motivation and work ethic are what make Lutz a good fit for Tesla, said Spendlove. He described how Lutz has always wanted to push his limits in an effort to prove to himself, and others, what he is capable of. Lutz’s work ethic and ability to pick up new skills quickly is why Spendlove said he believes Lutz will find success in his time with Tesla.

Lutz said his motivation comes from “a desire to bring change to the world around [him]. I’ve always wanted to have as big of an impact as I can on the communities I live in.”

Lutz also said he has a desire to give back to the world around him and believes applying himself now will enable him to give back later.