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Valentine's day dance


The Laie YSA First Stake Valentine’s Day dance blew it out of the park this year with its combination of good music and food. To attempt to accommodate students who got off work late, the dance began at 10 p.m. and ran until 1 a.m., allowing more students to enjoy the festivities.“The music has been pretty good, so it’s been a great night,” said Maclaine Day, freshman majoring in international cultural studies from Montana. The Aloha Center ballroom hosted a plethora of party games to keep energy up, hamburgers fresh off the grill, as well as a snacks. Alan Akina, 2nd counselor in the YSA 1st Stake Presidency, explained, “All the boys get blue tickets and all the girls get pink tickets. And to go eat in that food booth, you need a ticket for every food item. The only problem is all the boys need to have pink tickets and all the girls need blue tickets, and the only way to get that is for boys and girls to dance with each other.”Kale Anitema, a junior majoring in history form Maui, said, “There have been less and less dances, but when there is, it’s popping.” Anitema continued, “I would like to see the lights on, more chairs, and boys formally asking girls to dance.”Tonga Sablan, a junior majoring in communications from Seattle, Wash., echoed the sentiment on dances in the light when he said, “They are a perfect opportunity for students… to come from all over the world and share the universal language of dance.” Colorado freshman and accounting major, Simon Johansen said, “It’s a rarity to have such a solid mix here at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. The music stayed consistently on point throughout the whole night.” When asked about logistics of the dance, Rose Ram, a professor at BYUH who also happened to be manning the desserts, rebutted the question and asked, “Is that why you came over here? To interview me? Oh no, I’m going to find you a nice boy to dance with. Look, these ones coming up behind you look like they’d be perfect. Choose one!”For more information on upcoming dances, look on your ward’s bulletin, or the Student Activities board. Uploaded Feb. 19, 2015.
Writer: Morgynne Tora