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What are your favorite places to visit in Hawaii?

Auahi Aiu smiles wearing a green jacket and white and black shirt with an off-white background behind him.
Auahi Aiu

Auahi Aiu, a sophomore from Pearl City, Hawaii, majoring in marketing, said he loves to surf at Castles Beach and hike on the Friendship Gardens Trail and the Aiea Loop Trail. He said he also enjoys going on short road trips with four or five friends, such as driving from Laie to Costco.

Poblete smiles wearing a white shirt with bears on it and a black coat over it.
Paolo Poblete

Paolo Poblete, a senior from the Philippines studying biology, said he loves going to the Ala Moana Center because the shops there provide a way for him to destress. He said he tries to go there at least once a week because it is easily accessible via a two-hour bus ride.

Pola'apau smiles wearing a grey blouse with floral designs on it.
Eikimo'unga Pola'apau

Eikimo’unga Pola’apau, a junior from Tonga majoring in economics, said she enjoys going to Makapuu Lighthouse. Because it is an easy hike, she said she can dress up and take beautiful photos at the top. She also loves going to the BYUH Fitness Center to stay fit and healthy, she added.

Kinikini smiles wearing a red shirt with bushes and a yellow wall behind him.
Inosi Kinikini

Inosi Kinikini, a senior from Fiji studying psychology, said, “My favorite place to go here in Hawaii is Kapiolani.” He said he loves it there because of a cookie shop, called Edible, that sells a variety of cookies he loves to eat.

Callanta smiles wearing a Polynesian-designed red and orange shirt with a name tag on it.
Ricky Callanta

Ricky Callanta, a junior from the Philippines majoring in hospitality and tourism management, said he loves visiting Pearl Harbor because it is a place where he can learn about the history of the island.

Alcantar smiles wearing a grey shirt with white and yellow lettering that says "Stand close together and lift where you stand BYU–Hawaii residential life."
Adam Alcantar

Adam Alcantar, a junior from Tennessee studying biochemistry, said he likes hiking and rock climbing at Three Peaks, a trail located on the windward side of the island near Kailua and Waimanalo. He also loves watching the sunsets near his workplace at Ko Olina, he said.