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Campus Comment: What is something you enjoy about your major?

A picture of a group of silhouettes throwing graduation caps up in the air in a half circle. They are standing on a hill and the sunset is in the background.
There are many reasons BYUH students enjoy their major.

Anaïs Fry, a freshman from Massachusetts majoring in social work, said she enjoys learning about important social issues such as supporting the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement. She also said she feels more confident speaking openly about these topics with family and friends. “It helps me better understand them and how to be an advocate [and] stand up for people who are marginalized.”

Evan Willie, a senior from Papua New Guinea majoring in business management, said he enjoys developing friendships and making connections with other people. Oftentimes in his business classes, Willie said, he works in groups to learn how to manage a business. Initially, he didn’t like working in groups but said he has come to enjoy the interactions. “You start out as just strangers in a classroom, and by the end of the semester, you become friends.”

Elizabeth Allen, a senior from Oregon majoring in supply chain management, said her major connects with her current job as a construction management intern. Her job includes helping manage the construction of the buildings on campus, she shared. “It’s been really interesting to see how all the stuff that I’m learning is very applicable to my job.”

Noé Reil, a sophomore from Canada majoring in hospitality and tourism management, said she enjoys working with people and learning how to improve their tourism experience. People experience more positive emotions when they feel that you care for them, she added. “Once you know them, I feel that they’ll let you know more about their lives. ... that will help shape the experiences you want to give to them.”