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When dates go sour

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Dating isn’t always a fairytale, according to students at BYU-Hawaii who shared their dating horror stories. “My senior prom was a disaster. My date ended up ditching me,” said freshman Kamille Foster, majoring in political science. Plus, the date left her to hook up with one of her best friends. Students said dances were some of the most memorable parts of high school, and there are always great stories to go along with them. Freshman McKenna Brown said one of her worst date experiences happened as she went to a dance. While she and her date were on their way to the dance, there wasn’t much to talk about so she said they listened to the same song on repeat for the hour drive.Dating can be awkward, especially when you don’t know the person very well. First dates are spent trying to make good impressions and both people are hoping for a fun night where they can get to know each other better. Tanner Cheel, a sophomore majoring in marketing, said he had hopes for a great first date, but it didn’t quite end with a happily ever after. “The date started out great. I went with a girl I had been interested in and I was excited to get to know her. Turns out she had a serious dark side,” he said.A junior majoring in exercise science spilled her worst date story that was jaw-dropping. She said as a senior in high school, her boyfriend left on his mission and she was determined to wait for his return at home. During her first year in college, however, she met man and fell for him, leaving her with a decision to make. Deciding to pursue things with the new guy she had met at school, she wrote her missionary and explained she was going to date other boys for the remainder of his mission and maybe things could work out between them later in the future. “I went right up to the guy I was crushing on the next day in class and asked him out on a date. I was so nervous, but he wasn’t making the first move so I figured that I should,” she said. “While we were on the date, I was still feeling courageous so I told him how I felt. Well long story short, it turns out he wasn’t into girls.” Uploaded Feb. 13, 2015
Writer: Ali Apgood