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Windows 10 sneak peeks

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Earlier this year, Microsoft lifted the veil on their new operating system, Windows 10. The reveal announced changes and previewed features that consumers can expect later this year when the software becomes available. Here are five new features that you can expect when the new OS is released.1. The Return of the Start MenuThe Start menu feature was listed as the number one best feature available in Windows 10, according to LaptopMag, an online technology blog. When Windows 8 was released the option of having a “classic” Start menu vanished and was replaced by “live tiles.” Now in Windows 10 both ideas are merged into the new Start menu. It will include classic features like quick access to different drives and newer features like live tiles from Windows 8. The height of the Windows 10 Start menu will still be like older versions of Windows predating Windows 8, but the width of it is completely customizable and can range anywhere from two to three times the width of classic Start menus.2. Cortana, your Digital AssistantJust like the Microsoft Window’s phones, Windows 10 will come installed with Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant. Cortana allows you to pull up specific files, search your hard drive and find photos based off of dates just by telling your PC to do so, according to the Microsoft website. Microsoft also said that “you’ll see Cortana as never before” in Windows 10. Unlike other digital assistants Cortana speaks with a natural, conversational flow allowing her to be the world’s most personal Digital Assistant, according to Microsoft worker Joe Belfiore.3. Xbox app for Windows 10Another feature that will be made available in Windows 10 is the Xbox app. Soon you will be able to play any Xbox One game on your PC or tablet, according to LaptopMag. The new OS will support Xbox game streaming through home networks, with better speeds and graphics. Additionally, the application will have a feature called Game DVR allowing you to record, edit and share your victories. Finally, your friends will be accessible across Windows 10 or the Xbox consoles via Xbox Live.4. Project SpartanProject Spartan is a new web-browser for Windows 10 and has no relation to Internet Explorer. The user interface is very clean and almost Chrome-like, according to, a technology review website. Engadet also stated that the focus on Project Spartan is social sharing. Project Spartan allows you to highlight, annotate and share websites with friends. Integrated into Project Spartan is the Digital Assistant Cortana, who doubles as an audioreader.5. HoloLens integrationMicrosoft HoloLens, together with Windows 10, brings high-definition holograms to life in your world, according to Microsoft. As holograms, digital content can be as real as the physical items in the room. By design, the holograms will be integrated in your world and merge with the physical surroundings enabling you to do things that you have never done before, such as play games where you are in the game, or watch Netflix on a wall of your kitchen.Uploaded March 5, 2015
Writer: Jared Roberts