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Your friendly local chickens’ deepest secrets. Do you know these chicken fun facts?

A chicken standing on some grass. A green mountain is in the background.
There are a lot of chickens in Hawaii.

1. Did you know there are more chickens on the earth than people? There are more than 20 billion chickens and only 8 billion humans. –

2. Did you know chickens can see in full color? Don’t underestimate what chickens can do. –

3. Did you know chickens are the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s closest living relatives? If you don’t want to get hurt by its relatives, be careful around chickens. – fourpawsusa.org4.

4. Did you know chickens dream while they sleep? Chickens are more like humans than you think. –

5. Did you know chickens can learn the sound of their names as well as the names of the other chickens in their flock? –

6. Did you know the chickens’ earlobes determine the color of an eggshell? –

7. Did you know chickens can’t taste sweet flavors but can taste salty ones? –

8. Did you know on Christmas Eve in Japan, people often eat fried chicken? –

9. Did you know chickens can remember and recognize faces? –

10. Did you know hens communicate to their unhatched eggs through clucks and humming? –