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Inspired by business majors to start her own company, Martha Christensen, a previous academic advisor for the Faculty of Business & Government, began her journey towards creating her company J-Slips. Presently, J-slips offers students business internships as the company continues to spread across Polynesia. She said these student interns have brought great ideas and connections to the J-Slips family.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Culture Night was cancelled. However, on March 20 and 21, BYU–Hawaii students, community members and families around the world united as they watched the introduction videos for Culture Night created by the staff at BYUH's Media Production Center.
In a school where the general student body represents the United States, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Rahel Meyer, studying communication and media studies, and triple minoring in political science, peacebuilding and world languages, is one of few European students and was born and raised in Germany. She said she loves having the opportunity to be creative and establish herself in a career, and she loves the multicultural family she has made on campus.
BYU–Hawaii alumna says time at BYUH as student and an instructor led her to start brand J-Slips
Students say livestream of Culture Night's introduction videos showed university's dedication to its student body
Rahel Meyer prepares for humanitarian career at United Nations by attending BYU—Hawaii
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By Brooke GurynMarch 30, 2020
Due to safety precautions for the coronavirus, students said they are taking advantage of extra time indoors. They said they are enjoying reading books, creating social media accounts dedicated to fitness, learning musical instruments and spending quality time with their families. Read Full Story
By Emily CasslerMarch 30, 2020
Students gathered at the Rugby Field on March 7 to watch fellow classmates compete in a female-only flag football tournament. The team Back That Pass Up won the tournament and students and coaches agreed events like Powderpuff football have a deeper purpose than just being a sporting event. Read Full Story
By Carlene CoombsMarch 30, 2020
In preparing for Culture Night, members of the student club leadership shared the behind-the-scenes of Culture Night and how their role as a leadership team was to work with clubs and individuals to help them feel more comfortable and get the most out of Culture Night, despite its cancellation this year. Read Full Story
By Eden JonesMarch 30, 2020
The winner of an unofficial campus music streaming service poll appeared to be Spotify. In a recent survey conducted among BYU–Hawaii students, 65.5 percent of students reported using Spotify more than any other service, with 25.5 percent preferring Apple Music and 9 percent preferring other music streaming services including YouTube and Amazon Music. Read Full Story
By Brooke GurynMarch 27, 2020
Fifth-graders worked alongside Prelaw Society students at Laie Elementary School learning the basics of the legal system on March 12. Prelaw volunteers noted how their mock class taught students essential lessons about the judicial system, critical thinking, and how there are always two sides of a story. Read Full Story
By Madi BerryMarch 27, 2020
Dr. Ban Phung, an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts & Letters, highlighted a theme of redemption through stories of his and his mother’s escape from Vietnam, his experience of growing up in America, and his acceptance of the gospel during his devotional on March 18 in the Cannon Activities Center. Read Full Story
By Michael KraftMarch 27, 2020
Before the cancellation of this year’s Culture Night, club members and leaders reflected on the experiences they had teaching others about their cultures. Read Full Story
By Michael KraftMarch 24, 2020
An email notification informed Megan DeJong, a junior from Colorado majoring in psychology, she was being offered extra money to walk dogs. To give service and earn money, DeJong said she fell victim to a scam costing her $4,850 and didn't receive any help from her bank. Read Full Story
By March 24, 2020
Dim lighting, blacklights, and multi-colored disco lights bounced off the walls of The HUB during the Game Center’s once-a-semester Blacklight Night on March 10 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The HUB offered students free bowling, arcade-style basketball, video games, ping-pong, and billiards, one of its last activities before its closure due to the corona virus pandemic. Read Full Story