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Inspired by business majors to start her own company, Martha Christensen, a previous academic advisor for the Faculty of Business & Government, began her journey towards creating her company J-Slips. Presently, J-slips offers students business internships as the company continues to spread across Polynesia. She said these student interns have brought great ideas and connections to the J-Slips family.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Culture Night was cancelled. However, on March 20 and 21, BYU–Hawaii students, community members and families around the world united as they watched the introduction videos for Culture Night created by the staff at BYUH's Media Production Center.
In a school where the general student body represents the United States, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Rahel Meyer, studying communication and media studies, and triple minoring in political science, peacebuilding and world languages, is one of few European students and was born and raised in Germany. She said she loves having the opportunity to be creative and establish herself in a career, and she loves the multicultural family she has made on campus.
BYU–Hawaii alumna says time at BYUH as student and an instructor led her to start brand J-Slips
Students say livestream of Culture Night's introduction videos showed university's dedication to its student body
Rahel Meyer prepares for humanitarian career at United Nations by attending BYU—Hawaii
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By Leiani BrownApril 03, 2020
National non-profit organization Affirmation LGBTQ Mormons Family and Friends, began its first Hawaii chapter in the Laie community this year, said organizers, due to a need voiced by BYU–Hawaii students and faculty. Read Full Story
By Brooke GurynApril 02, 2020
International employers from New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, and American Samoa shared they accepted the invitation to attend the Asia-Pacific Career Conference to continue the mission of IWORK and create opportunities for Pacific Islander and Asian students to succeed. Read Full Story
By Elijah HadleyMarch 30, 2020
Living far from their mountainous home country, three students from Nepal said they always remember where they come from, no matter the distance. As they work to attain degrees and a future career, the Nepali students shared how they hold onto their heritage through physical reminders and thinking of family. Read Full Story
By Emily CasslerMarch 30, 2020
While they prepared for the Winter 2020 Semester Culture Night that was canceled due to COVID-19, New Zealand (Aotearoa) Club members said they hoped to bridge gaps that come from different upbringings. Club members said they wanted to showcase the Māori language and teach cultural respect through their performance. Read Full Story
By Carlene CoombsMarch 30, 2020
Showing India is more than Bollywood and providing students with life-long memories are the primary goals the Indian Club presidency had in mind when putting together their performance for the 2020 Winter Semester Culture Night that was canceled because of the world-wide coronavirus pandemic. Through four individual dances, the club hoped the audience, as well as the performers, would gain a better understanding of Indian culture. Read Full Story
By Brooke GurynMarch 30, 2020
The Angel Moroni statue atop the Salt Lake Temple stood tall without his trumpet in hand ,after it was dislodged by a severe earthquake on the morning of March 18. The 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit 10 miles west of Salt Lake City in Magna, Utah, according to The New York Times. Read Full Story
By Michael KraftMarch 30, 2020
BYU–Hawaii released a statement on March 23 in response to the Stay At Home/Work From Home Order issued for the State of Hawaii through April 30. The university announced students should return home, if possible, as soon as possible. The statement says BYUH can no longer guarantee work for all student employees, however, university officials still want to accommodate the students. Read Full Story
By Carlene CoombsMarch 30, 2020
Four friends from Myanmar said a childhood dream and being around others of the same faith were some of the motivators that led them to BYUH. Read Full Story
By Haeley van der WerfMarch 30, 2020
Ever since she left BYU–Hawaii in 2009, Jen Dean said she has been working to foster change in her community. Originally from France, Dean now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works for the International Rescue Committee helping resettle refugees. Sometimes her biggest lessons learned, she shared, are the individual impacts each person can make and how she can make connections with everyone she meets. Read Full Story
By Michael KraftMarch 30, 2020
After his small business creation class ended, Tanner Quinn said he still believes in the product he sold: CBD (Cannabidiol) oils. While in the class, Quinn, a junior from California majoring in business finance, began working for a company called Yes Life selling CBD oils. According to Quinn, he suffered from sleep issues and stress from school. However,since using CBD oils, he said he has seen changes in his life. Read Full Story